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1810 NW 68 Terrace, Miami, FL 33147

ONLY $45,000

3 Bedroom / 1 Bath (House Is Worth Over $80,000) Area Rents $1100-$1200 Per Month 
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This deal is a 3 bedroom / 1 bath house in good condition.  The house is of cement block construction and the roof appears to be in good shape. Central Air conditioning has also been installed.  In addition, there is a separate structure in the backyard that could be used as a potential studio apartment. 

This house is going to need a clean up throughout, refinishing of the kitchen cabinets, new stove and repair to a few soffits.  Other than that, the house is in great condition and would make a great rental property.

The challenge with this property is that there is currently a non-paying tenant living inside.  The previous landlord is deceased and the heirs did not know that they could collect rent on the property.  Because of this, the tenant was able to live here rent free.   It would be your responsibility to either evict or begin collecting rent from the occupant.  

Because you will be purchasing the property with the tenant inside, we're offering a significant price concession.  While the property is worth around $86,000 —  The winner of this deal will pay only $45,000!  

 As with all of our deals, we expect this one to go fast!!


Average Rent For 3 Bedroom House In This Neighborhood:  $1,215 per month
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